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Welcome and thank you for joining me! I am starting this blog to share all aspects of what I do at Taylor Made Culture to produce books, curate exhibitions and capture the American story.

I wear many hats and all of them fit a little differently. Some slide on and look great, others I have to adjust and readjust and tilt to the side before they fit. I'm a writer, photographer, cultural critic, artist, designer and traveler. Every milestone I've reached may look like I just stepped up into the spotlight, refreshed and ready to receive my close up but I'm going to show you what happens behind the scenes and all the ups and downs it takes to get there.

My projects are like the kids I never had. Each one is maturing in its own time and has its own personality, quirks and demands. When they go through growing spurts, I'm amazed and proud and think, “Hey, I made that!” But then there are days when they throw tantrums and turn on me like an ungrateful teenager.

This blog will feature everything from:

• excerpts from my forthcoming book, American Hair

• designing the latest products for my upcoming licensing venture for Counter Culture.

• getting published, booking exhibits and speaking opportunities

• how to travel like a rockstar on very little money

• being successful and not taking "no" for an answer

• how to do what you love, get paid, recognized and rewarded

I am a perfectionist but I'm so far from being perfect—which makes life interesting. So come join me. Bookmark this blog, check in every week, share your stories and offer comments. I'm building an empire. Come watch me build it, brick by brick....