815 E. 6th St.  Los Angeles, California

Green Book Editions: 1940-1941, 1947-1957, 1959-1960

Walter J. Miller, Manager

Status: Still in Operation


When the Regal Hotel opened in 1939, just one year before it was listed in the Green Book, it was called “The Finest Negro Hotel on the Coast.” Simmons innerspring mattresses, new tile baths, an elevator, bell hop and maid service were just some of the special amenities. Rates were $1 per day and $5.50 per week. If you wanted a bath you paid one quarter extra per day. A fabulous gala announced the opening of this “ultra modern” hotel decorated in “restful” colors catering to the “highest type of Negro clientele.” 

Jumping at the Norbo

The community rallied around the Regal Hotel and local businesses set up shop in the hotel. In 1940, Zerita Dress Salon showed an exclusive line of women’s suits, gowns, coats and sportswear in suite 101. And when the NAACP came to town the Regal took out an ad to welcome the organization.